Strictbench 0.1

In the post ‘Forcing evaluation in Haskell‘ , I described how to fully evaluate a value to get around Haskell’s lazy evaluation. Since then, I’ve found myself using the following snippet a lot:

import Control.Parallel.Strategies
import Test.BenchPress

bench 1 . print . rnf

This snippet fully evaluates a value and prints how long it took to do so. I regularly use it on the Programming Praxis problems to see where the bottleneck lies in my algorithm.  It has the minor annoyance, however, that it prints a lot of information (min, max, mean, median, percentiles) that is all identical, because I only run it once. The reason I only run it once is that I’m typically evaluating a pure value, which means that any subsequent attempts to benchmark the evaluation time will take no time at all, since it has already been evaluated.

To solve this, I decided to write a small library to make this process easier and only print the time taken once. The result is StrictBench. A short example:

import Test.StrictBench

main = bench [1..10000000 :: Integer]

This code would give

2890.625 ms

as output. For the rest of the documentation I refer you to the Hackage page. The source code is pretty simple:

module Test.StrictBench (bench, benchDesc, time) where

import Control.Parallel.Strategies
import Test.BenchPress hiding (bench)
import Text.Printf

bench :: NFData a => a -> IO ()
bench = (putStrLn . (++ " ms") . show =<<) . time

benchDesc :: NFData a => String -> a -> IO ()
benchDesc s = (putStrLn . printf "%s: %s ms" s . show =<<) . time

time :: NFData a => a -> IO Double
time = fmap (median . fst) . benchmark 1 (return ())
       (const $ return ()) . const . putStr . (`seq` "") . rnf

Nothing complicated, but a nice convenience library that I’ll be using from now on.

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