Programming Praxis – Word Search Solver

Today’s Programming Praxis problem is about word search solvers. The provided solution is 77 lines, so let’s see if we can improve on that.

Our imports:

import Data.List
import Data.Map (Map, fromList, member, keys, (!))
import Text.Printf

First let’s define the 8 directions that we can search in. The puzzle is going to be represented as a Map with a tuple of Ints as the key, so the directions are functions for transforming these keys.

dirs :: [(String, (Int, Int) -> (Int, Int))]
dirs = zip ["down right", "up right", "right", "down left",
            "up left", "left", "down", "up"] $
           [\(x,y) -> (x+h, y+v) | h <- [1,-1,0], v <- [1,-1,0]]

We’re going to enter the puzzle as a list of strings, but since that would make access an O(n2) operation we’re going to turn it into a Map instead, since that gives us O(log n2) access.

toGrid :: [[a]] -> Map (Int, Int) a
toGrid = fromList . concat .
         zipWith (\y -> zipWith (\x c -> ((x,y), c)) [1..]) [1..]

Next we need a function to check whether the search word appears at the given position in the given direction.

found :: (Eq a, Ord k) => k -> (k -> k) -> Map k a -> [a] -> Bool
found pos dir g w = isPrefixOf w . map (g !) .
                    takeWhile (flip member g) $ iterate dir pos

Finding the location and direction of a search word is then simply a matter of checking every direction for every position:

findWord :: Map (Int, Int) Char -> String -> String
findWord g w = head [printf "%s row %d column %d %s" w y x ds |
                     (x,y) <- keys g, (ds, dir) <- dirs,
                     found (x,y) dir g w]

That’s all we need, so let’s test if it works.

puzzle :: [String]
puzzle = ["FYYHNRD",

main :: IO ()
main = mapM_ (putStrLn . findWord (toGrid puzzle)) $ words

And indeed it does, using less than half the lines of the provided solution (almost a third if you ignore the lines required to define the puzzle). That will do nicely.

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